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Best ObGyn of Atlanta, Morrow, & Emory Ga – A Unique Gynecology And Obstetrics Experience To Meet Your Needs

For over ten years, Dr. Tracey Lemon-Sams and the exceptional providers at the Georgia Center for Women have been dedicated to patient care and comfort. We are proud to be the best obgyn of Atlanta, Emory, and Morrow, GA to offer obstetrics and gynecological services. Our goal is to be your healthcare solution through all stages of life and to give you the personalized attention that you deserve.

Whether you are pregnant, going through menopause, or it is time for your annual exam, you can reach out to schedule an appointment. Our offices are convenient to find, and we have locations in Atlanta, Morrow and Emory. We make sure that our waiting and exam rooms are comfortable and every appointment is confidential.

Part of the reason our patients are so pleased with our services is that we don’t just talk, but we also listen wholeheartedly to ensure you are getting the absolute best care. A good gynecologist should always take the time to listen to the patient’s needs, and we set ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to communication.

When our patients from Atlanta to Emory visit for an appointment, we begin the process with a conversation. Each person gets individualized attention because we know that women are unique in their current health needs. Our dedicated gynecologists have an experience with a variety of Atlanta ob gyn services for women at all stages of life.

You can get relief from the symptoms caused by menopause, access the best pregnancy care, take advantage of vaginal rejuvenation, and much more just by reaching out to our ob gyn offices in Ga.

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Our Complete Obstetrics and Gynecology Services

There are a variety of ob gyn services at Georgia Center for Women, and we encourage you to reach out if you have any questions about what we provide. Planning a family, giving birth, cancer screenings, and annual exams are just a few of the services that women can schedule an appointment for.

Throughout the stages of your life, we want you to have access to the best gynecologist and healthcare for women. When you have access to exceptional gynecology services, you can take proactive measures for your health and wellbeing. While we focus on the obgyn service that you need like infertility workups or hormone replacement therapy, we also pay attention to your overall health. Our commitment is to the patient, and you will notice that in everything we do.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please fill out the form below to reach out and learn more. Our medical professionals are friendly and knowledgeable, and we are here to make your experience a great one!

Our Dedicated Gynecologists at Georgia Center for Women

The medical professionals at the Georgia Center for Women are dedicated to our patients, and each aspect of your experience is essential to us. We take into account every detail from the comfort of our waiting room to the services that are tailored specifically to the needs of women’s health. Finding the best gynecologist in Atlanta and the surrounding areas in Ga does not have to be stressful. We treat everyone with the utmost respect and apply the best practices for discretion. Here is a brief introduction of our providers, and you are always welcome to reach out to learn more about us.

Dr. Tracey Lemon-Sams, MD, FACOG is the Founder of Georgia Center for Women. She is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Atlanta is her native home, and while she obtained her Doctorate of Medicine degree, residency, and minimally invasive surgery training in other states, Georgia is where she wanted to live and share her passion for medicine.

Dr. Wendell O. Hackney, MD, FACOG is board certified and has over 35 years experience in obgyn. Atlanta is where he was born, but he traveled as far as England to study medicine. After receiving his Doctorate of Medicine, he completed his residency and started a private practice. He returned home to Atlanta in 1983 and serves on many Medical Associations and Committees.

Dr. Julia Samaddar, MD MPH received residency training from the Medical College of Georgia. Obstetrics and gynecology are her primary focus. She has training in high-risk obstetrics, minimally invasive gynecological procedures and surgeries, reproductive endocrinology and fertility, and more.

Audrey Roberson, FNP-C is our board-certified nurse practitioner, and she has experience in ICU, labor, and delivery. As a lead nurse in an OBGYN office, she has learned the best practices for exceptional women’s healthcare.

When you call to speak to our medical professionals, you will notice a common thread. We are all friendly and easy to talk with, and we are focused on you! No one likes to feel that they are not being heard – especially when it comes to your health. Our staff offers medical advice and care that you can be confident in.

Our OB GYN Doctors


Dr. Lemon-Sams


Dr. Hackney

Dr. Julia

Dr. Samaddar

Audrey Roberson

Nurse Roberson

Our Patients Always Come First

It doesn’t matter if you visit our gynecologist in Atlanta or you visit our office in Ga – the patient always comes first. While there will times when you will come for a routine cancer screening or annual exam, and the experience will be stress-free, we also know there will be times when the visit is going to cause a certain level of anxiety.

Our experienced gynecologists in Ga are here to provide exceptional care for female health issues, to help ease the worry of fertility treatments and robotic surgeries, and make it easy to talk about vaginal therapies like the MonaLisa Touch® openly.

We go above and beyond to ensure our patients have all of the information they need to make the right health decisions for their body. Our obstetrician in Atlanta takes the complications out of family planning and prenatal care. Staying comfortable during pregnancy care is vital for expecting mothers, and we are here throughout each stage from infertility workups to the pregnancy, as well as post-pregnancy.

If you are beyond the stage in life of having children and want to keep your health in check and improve energy levels, our individualized treatments are ideal for that. Our doctors will help you make smarter diet and exercise choices, as well as help with hormonal balance, menopause relief, and beyond.

Our Innovative and Effective Treatments for Women

At Georgia Center for Women, we stay at the forefront of ob  gyn treatments for women. Technology is advancing the medical industry in many ways, and we want to make sure that we utilize the safest and most effective treatments for our patients. For instance, MonaLisa Touch® is an FDA approved laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Dr. Tracey Lemon-Sams was one of the first in Atlanta to provide this service for her patients.

The feminine laser, MonaLisa Touch®, helps relieve the symptoms caused by menopause and vaginal atrophy. It also helps reduce the symptoms of breast cancer treatments and can give women more confidence and better urinary function. We also utilize robotic surgery in Atlanta and our other office in Ga.

To serve our patients the best, we continue to train and learn the most effective and safe advancements in our field. If there is an innovate treatment that you want to learn more about, don’t hesitate to ask. The MonaLisa Touch® is just one example of how we help women have a healthy and happy body so that you can focus on your family and loved ones with your full attention.

Throughout each stage of a woman’s life, you can count on us to provide the best gynecologist in Ga and to give exceptional healthcare for all of your needs. We welcome you to call today and schedule an appointment, or if you want to learn more about our gynecologists and services, begin with a FREE consultation.

Choosing an ob gyn is one of the most critical decisions that you can make, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Whether you are new to Atlanta and looking for a gynecologist that is experienced with MonaLisa Touch®, or you are looking for an Emory obgyn to help with family planning, take advantage of the complimentary consultation today.

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