Signs You’re Going Through Premature Menopause

Menopause is a natural part of aging, and it happens due to hormone levels reducing as women get older. Of course, the signs are not going to be the same for every women, nor the age that the symptoms begin to affect your lifestyle. For some, the signs start to show up prematurely and it’s important that you don’t ignore these.

The signs of premature menopause occur before the age of 50 and can even happen in a woman’s 30s. Make sure you schedule an appointment with an OBGYN in Georgia to help you reduce the symptoms, so you can enjoy this stageof your life. If you’re unsure you’re going through premature menopause, here are a few of the signs to look out for.

It’s been 12 months since your last period

If you have gone 12 months with no menstrual cycle, and you don’t have an illness or aren’t pregnant, then there is a chance you’re going through premature menopause. An OBGYN can help identify the problem and guide you towards the next steps for your health. We always put your health first and encourage any questions you have about menopause and what you can expect.

You notice signs like hot flashes and trouble sleeping

Hot flashes, trouble sleeping, and night sweats are all signs that you are menopausal. While these can also be associated with other health issues, if you start to notice uncomfortable symptoms, make an appointment with your gynecologist. Know that you can relieve these symptoms with help from your doctor and there are treatments available.

Periods become irregular

If your periods start to become irregular and unpredictable in how long they last and how heavy they are, it’s vital you visit an OBGYN in Georgia. We will let you know if you’re menopausal or if there are other health issues that’s causing irregular periods.

Your mood changes

Going through premature menopause can impact your mood. If you already have anxiety or depression, menopause can intensify these feelings. For others, it can simply shorten your temper and cause you to be testier when confronted with stressful situations. Your OBGYN will listen to your concerns when it comes to mood changes and find a solution that makes sense for you.

You see changes in your body

If you notice weight gain occur without any changes to your lifestyle, you get tired easier, or every day tasks become more difficult to achieve, it could be a sign of premature menopause. Pay attention to physical issues like vaginal dryness and irritations. When you speak with your OBGYN, have an open discussion about the changes in your body. Our gynecologists will review the different treatments that can help reduce the symptoms.

No matter what age you are, if you have noticed signs of menopause, reach out to Georgia Center for Women for a free consultation. Simply call (404) 265-6888 or fill out our contact form.

Dr. Tracey Born and raised in Atlanta, Tracey R. Lemon-Sams, MD, FACOG, is a board-certified OB/GYN and founder of the Georgia Center for Women, with locations in Atlanta, Emory Midtown, and Morrow, Georgia. Continuing her commitment to the Georgia community, Dr. Lemon-Sams offers patients a wide range of obstetrics and gynecology services for improving and managing their health.

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