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Georgia Center for Women offers a range of services for women’s health. While we provide annual gynecology exams, obstetrics services, and minimally invasive surgery in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, we also have other services that are dedicated to ensuring you get the best care. Our physicians and professional medical staff are committed to answering your questions about all our services. We provide guidance for everything from choosing the right service for your health needs to educating you on preventative measures.

To help you learn more about the friendly and professional medical staff at Georgia Center for Women and the other services we provide our patients, take a moment to look at the information below. If you are ready to speak with an OBGYN, don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more about the specific services that you are interested in.

Services to help with heavy periods and more

If you are finished with your childbearing years and suffer from heavy and uncomfortable periods, schedule an appointment to learn more about Novasure in Atlanta. Novasure takes about 5 minutes to complete, and it’s a one-time procedure. It is FDA approved and designed to remove the uterine lining because the endometrium is the only part of the body that causes the heavy bleeding. Your uterus stays intact during the treatment, and there are no incisions necessary.

In Atlanta, Dilation and Curettage (D&C) is a surgical procedure provided by Georgia Center for Women. It’s essential that you make an appointment to find out if you are a good candidate for dilation and curettage as well as other services that are listed on our website. If you have abnormal bleeding or other procedures such as a hysteroscopy completed, dilation and curettage may be used to treat and diagnose the issues.

Birth control options for women

woman sitting on couchNonsurgical tubal ligation is for women in Atlanta, Murrow, Johns Creek, and Emory Midtown that want a permanent form of birth control. Make sure you are done with their childbearing years before getting this procedure. Our physicians use procedures like Essure that insert the instruments through the cervix, so there is no need to make incisions. There is virtually no pain after the treatment for most women, but know that an OBGYN will discuss the procedure in its entirety with you.

Nexplanon is a solution for women that want birth control for three years. Women that prefer Nexplanon in Atlanta and the surrounding areas have access to a convenient and practical solution for birth control when they visit Georgia Center for Women. Nexplanon is implanted in the arm and provides long-acting birth control. It’s flexible and small and must be administered and removed by a physician.

Complete care during pregnancy

When you’re ready to start a family, we’re here for you. We have obstetrics services for family planning, infertility workups, pregnancy care and more. Another service we offer patients is 1st trimester sex determination. Our offices are diligent about staying at the forefront of technology to ensure our patients are more comfortable and access the best care. With 1st trimester sex determination in Atlanta, Johns Creek, and the surrounding areas, you’ll be even more prepared as you welcome your infant into the world.

Choosing OBGYN services that are right for you

Choosing OBGYN services is an essential decision because when you are comfortable and confident in your doctor, you are more committed to your annual exams and to have open and honest discussions about your health. Your OBGYN is also a professional that helps you proactively take care of your health, so you prevent issues in the future.

As you go through each stage of life, your gynecologist will be there to help you find solutions for menopause, birth control, prenatal care, Monalisa Touch®, and more. When you see an OBGYN that provides a range of services like Novasure and nonsurgical tubal ligation, be sure you ask about their comprehensive services that relate to your stage in life. Here are a few tips to help.

Schedule an exam to find out more about your health.

When choosing the best OBGYN services for you, one of the first steps you can take is scheduling an exam to learn more about your current health. If you already have a specific idea about what services you are interested in, you’ll need to make sure you are a good candidate before moving forward. The gynecologists at Georgia Center for Women put your health first, and you can conveniently schedule an appointment to find out if you’re a good candidate at any of our locations.

Learn more about the services that are recommended for you.

After the gynecologist has learned more about your health and goals, you’ll be better prepared to choose the services that are right for you at this stage in life. The doctor will review the service with you whether you are interested in Essure for permanent birth control or you’re getting 1st trimester sex determination. Each service is unique, and we want you to be confident in your decision.

Be open about how you feel.

Young girl smilingWe know it can be difficult for patients to be open about how they feel. In some cases, they think their symptoms are normal, and that discomfort or pain is permanent. In other instances, patients aren’t comfortable talking about the health of their vagina and what they want to achieve whether it’s birth control or help planning a family. Our atmosphere is comfortable, and our OBGYN is easy to communicate with, so you can be straightforward with us from day one without any stress.

We encourage you to have an honest conversation with us and don’t hold back any of the symptoms or what you are experiencing. We’ll let you know what is normal and what isn’t, and we’ll complete all of the appropriate tests and exams based on your particular health needs. If you are nervous about the outcome of the test, we understand and will let you know how long the results take.

Once the results are in, or we have a better understanding of your health, we are clear about the next steps that need to be taken. If you have more than one option, these are reviewed, so you make an informed choice.

Use details when describing your health issues.

If you have a specific problem bothering you like heavy periods or uncomfortable menopause symptoms, be sure you describe the issues clearly. Don’t hold back information because it can impact your health. All details matter. For instance, if you have a problem with heavy periods and you notice the color is oddly lighter or darker than usual, make sure to include this information.

Speak with the OBGYN about your health goals.

Beyond discussing a specific problem, make sure you let your OBGYN all of your health goals. If you know that you don’t want to have kids for three years but want to have kids in the future, you may be considering Nexplanon in Atlanta. Or perhaps, you have a family history of cervical cancer, and you want to learn preventative measures as well as how often to get screenings. An OBGYN will let you know more about your options and what your steps should be now and in the future.

Choosing the right gynecology services doesn’t have to be complicated. Involve your doctor in the discussion and learn more about the benefits and procedures that are available.

Georgia Center for Women is dedicated to our patients

At Georgia Center for Women, we provide a wide variety of services for our patients because we are dedicated to their needs. We have help for women that want to learn more about dilation and curettage, Novasure, and other procedures that are designed to relieve heavy periods and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Communication is one way that we show our commitment. When you speak with our doctors, you’ll appreciate that we are clear about the steps you’ll need to take from choosing the services to the recovery time (if any) to what you can expect throughout the process. We know that the more informed you are when it comes to caring for your body, the better you’ll feel each day.

We respect that each woman is unique when it comes to planning a family, and the journey is different for everyone. Our services are designed with our patients in mind, so we are here for you whether you aren’t ready to have kids or are done with your childbearing years.

Your complimentary consultation is waiting!

Don’t hesitate to call us today and schedule a complimentary consultation. If you are ready to schedule an exam and learn more about your health and the OBGYN services that you are a good candidate for, take that next step by filling out the quick contact form online. We are prompt to respond, and our staff is friendly and professional.

Our offices are comfortable and conveniently located in Johns Creek, Emory Midtown, Morrow South, and Atlanta. Essure, Novasure and other services are available. We respect our patients and understand that discretion is a vital part of each visit.

  • Novasure
  • Nexplanon
  • Essure
  • Dilation and Curettage (D&C)
  • Nonsurgical tubal ligation
  • Venus Treatments
  • 1st Trimester Sex Determination (additional fee)
  • On-site procedures available

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