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Menopause is a major transition time in your life, but it doesn’t have to be miserable or even uncomfortable with your OB/GYN’s help. At Georgia Center for Women in Atlanta, Emory, and Morrow, Georgia, your expert OB/GYN care team can help you travel through your menopause years comfortably and confidently. Book your appointment online or over the phone today. 

Menopause Q & A

When does menopause start?

Menopause is the time of life when you stop menstruating and your childbearing years come to an end. Menopause is a normal transition that all women go through, although it can occur at different times for each woman. The average age of menopause for American women is 52.

Perimenopause is the transition into menopause. Perimenopause often begins in your 40s, although it may start in your 30s. During the perimenopause period, you'll have sporadic periods. Menopause symptoms are also common during perimenopause.

What are the common symptoms of menopause?

The symptoms of menopause can be different for each woman but most women experience at least some of the following symptoms.

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Breast tenderness
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Painful intercourse
  • Lower libido

Symptoms are usually sporadic for most women.

What can I do to relieve menopause symptoms?

Your Georgia Center for Women doctor works closely with you to relieve your menopause symptoms.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes during menopause can be basic but still very effective. Your doctor may recommend dietary changes, more frequent exercise, and even small changes like adhering to a stricter bedtime.

Hormone Replacement

Hormone replacement therapy may take several different forms, including oral tablets, hormone creams, and BioTE® bioidentical hormone pellet injections. The BioTE bioidentical hormones are particularly effective because they're chemically identical to your body's own natural hormones.

MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch is a noninvasive laser treatment that's helpful for many menopause symptoms including vaginal dryness, laxity, and painful intercourse. Often, MonaLisa Touch can be an effective supplement to other treatments like BioTE hormone replacement when you want fast symptom relief.

Your menopause relief plan may include a combination of these treatments, based on your symptoms and needs.

Can I discontinue birth control when I'm in menopause?

Your Georgia Center for Women doctor will tell you when it's safe to discontinue birth control. As long as you're still getting periods, however sporadic they may be, you could still get pregnant.

Once your last period was a full year ago, you're in postmenopause and at that point, your doctor will usually give the okay to stop birth control. Of course, you still need to protect against sexually transmitted disease, even when you can't get pregnant.

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