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Water can soothe and support you during labor and birth — and the gentle warmth of a water birth can be the ideal transition into the world for your baby, too. The supportive and caring OB/GYN team at Georgia Center for Women offers water birth with the best medical support team in the Atlanta, Emory, and Morrow, Georgia, area. Book now using the online scheduler or by calling the location closest to you.

Water Birth Q & A

What is water birth?

A water birth is a labor and/or delivery that happens in a birthing pool filled with warm water. Some women labor in the birthing pool, and then deliver outside the water, while others prefer to give birth in water as well. The experienced Georgia Center for Women team offers water births with full medical support for your comfort and convenience.

What is a water birth like for the baby?

It’s a warm and comforting welcome to the world. Many women opt for water birth because it offers an environment that's close in feel to the amniotic fluid where the baby's been growing for the whole pregnancy. This can make for a less startling transition into the world.

Both mother and baby can also experience less stress during a water birth, with the potential to reduce fetal complications.

What will water birth be like for me?

Every birth story is unique, so it's impossible to say exactly how yours will be. But, you can get a general idea of what to expect from other moms. Many women say that water births were the perfect way to give birth for the following reasons.

  • Warm water feels soothing and comforting
  • The natural water buoyancy reduces your weight, making it easy to shift position
  • Water gives you more energy in the final stages of labor
  • Water may reduce stress, allowing you to make natural pain-inhibiting endorphins
  • Water immersion can help lower stress-related blood pressure spikes
  • Water immersion relaxes the perineum, which lessens tears (and possibly avoids episiotomy)
  • When underwater, you feel less self-conscious and able to relax better

If you feel drawn to water birth, discuss it with your Georgia Center for Women care provider so you can work together to determine if it’s the right plan for you and your baby.

Will my baby breathe in water during a water birth?

Your baby gets their oxygen via your umbilical cord until it’s cut or clamped, or until they’re first exposed to air. That means that for the brief seconds after they exit your womb and are moved above the water, they won’t inhale water.

Your Georgia Center for Women care providers are highly trained and experienced in water births, and they always take every precaution needed to ensure a safe experience for you and your baby.

As an expectant mom, you deserve to have your baby’s birth according to your wishes, and the Georgia Center for Women team supports that fully. Use the online scheduler or call to learn more about water birth today.