Types Of Fertility Doctor And Fertility Specialist

/Types Of Fertility Doctor And Fertility Specialist
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Reproduction system is one of the most complex systems in the living organisms. The human reproductive system entails the combination of a different system which works together to enhance fertility. When you visit a reproductive specialist, they may direct you to another specialist who may have more knowledge based on your medical condition. The best fertility clinics usually have two or more fertility specialist Atlanta GA so that they can serve their customers well. Some of the professionals in fertility are Andrologist, reproductive surgeon, and reproductive immunologist.

Reproductive Endocrinologists

These are physicians who specialize in obstetrics and gynecology after their medical school. Many years spent in their studies and residency program gives them priority in managing most of the infertility challenges. There are more specialized in women reproductive system through their in-depth studies in the females reproductive organs. They are certified to performed surgery as a mean of providing medical solutions.


These are fertility specialist Atlanta GA who specialist to treat both men and women for conditions that may lead to infertility. In Men, urologist specializes in the urinary tract in fertility specialist Atlanta GAorder to manage some conditions that may result in such as cancer.  They are the most appropriate fertility specialist Atlanta GA when both couples have reproductive disorders. They may also prescribe a family planning method for the men and women.


These are urologist who has completed additional training in male fertility. They can also perfume surgery if it’s the best approached over a stated medical condition. They can provide the right medication alone in male infertility or engage the help of reproductive endocrinologist in order to realize more success. However, their service is very expensive due to their specialization.

Reproductive surgeon

Reproductive surgeons have more advance knowledge beyond infertility and mechanism of trying to have children. They have further training in a surgical operation in order to meet some more complex medical conditions such as fibroids. A gynecologist or an urologist my further their career to become reproductive surgeons. They may also be consulted in a more adverse medical condition such as performing reverse vasectomies and tubal ligations which usually required more specialization in order to be successful. Most of the reproductive surgeons found in referral hospitals.

Reproductive Immunologists

There is a more knowledgeable fertility specialist Atlanta GA who combines the knowledge of both immunology and reproductive medicine.  They are usually consulted in unique conditions such as recurrent miscarriages, repeated IVF failure and unexplained infertility. They have to gather enough medical background of an individual in order to prescribe the best medical solution. Most of them try to check the extent of previous medical records such as lupus and STI. Reproductive immunologist may be a scientist or an endocrinologist who work hand in hand to treat infertility couples. Also, consider the referrals from family and friends because of the couple that had a positive experience with a specific fertility doctor may refer you to go to their clinic too.

When You Had Encountered Many Critical Medical Health Issues

Patients with Serious health problems such as hypertension, heart or kidney diseases, diabetes etc., must see a fertility specialist Atlanta GA right way to discuss the pregnancy chances and plan for a safer one.