Who Is A Fertility Doctor And Fertility Specialist?

/Who Is A Fertility Doctor And Fertility Specialist?
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The inability to conceive a child is described as Infertility. One cannot think of anything sadder than this tragedy some of our fellow human beings have to suffer.  Human minds have furiously concentrated upon the possible causes and reasons for this terrible condition. Thanks to the astounding research work done in the fields of Endocrinology, Embryology and related branches; we have a dedicated field for the issues that are beyond the realm of normal gynecology. This branch is known as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility commonly called as REI. A health practitioner, who has a specialization in REI, is known as gynecologist Emory. They are referred as infertility specialists, which is more or less the same thing. After considering all the factors involved, one has to start a search for a RE.

Choosing A RE:

gynecologist Emory

Many people till date are shy of gynecology and terms related to it. And it eventually leads to an abysmal understanding of the concept of REI. A gynecologist Emory is someone who has a 4, 5 years sufficiency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He or she might be very good at preliminary diagnosis and prognosis but sooner or later( which must not be very late), they refer the patient to an expert which is a REI.A REI has a further 3 year more fellowship in infertility and sub contents. So if you feel the urge to visit a fertility doctor, kindly make sure he or she meets the described criterion. Two fundamentals upon which you can base your search are:

  • The fertility clinic has a reasonably high success rate
  • The fee demanded is within the reach of your wallet.

Questions That You Must Ask

Issues related to fertility involve thousands of dollars and even more emotions. Therefore, there is no shame in asking questions that reassure you and help in establishing a bond of trust between you and the practitioner. Some of these might be:

  • Since when the concerned clinic has been operational? A longer time period might suggest a higher efficiency rate.
  • What are various methodologies and techniques employed by the clinic? An updated fertility clinic will help you with much more ease than some shabby old dark clinic, stuffed with obsolete equipment.
  • Treatment time period is of critical importance. Ask the gynecologist Emory about it and demand an explicit answer.
  • Invitro Fertilization involves a lot of technicalities. If you are considering it, then ask any sort of queries that cross your mind.
  • Availability of the doctor. You might have problems or questions on off days, ask him or her she will address them properly.


There is no defined or fixed cost of treatment, and there hardly can be. Everyone has got idiosyncratic issues, hence treatment and costs of treatment differ a lot. However, the cost that your gynecologist Emory tells you must be facilitating blood tests, anesthesia and practitioner’s fee. You need to make sure that the doctor is also in agreement with your thoughts.