Why and When to Visit a Gynecologist

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Why and When to Visit a Gynecologist 2018-06-12T13:02:18+00:00

A gynecologist Morrow South GA is a medical doctor specialized in problems related to women’s reproductive organs. Most of the women have a common misconception that they should visit a gynecologist only for the complexities they face during their pregnancy. Always remember that, you don’t have to be necessarily a pregnant to visit a gynecologist. In order to keep your health and fertility secure, be informed of the following cases when you must visit a gynecologist Morrow South GA.

The First Visit

gynecologist Morrow South GAIf everything runs normally, a girl usually has her first visit with a gynecologist at the ages of around 13 to14 years after her first menstrual cycle. However, it is unnatural for your girl not to have her first menstrual cycle even after passing 15 years of age. In such case, you must take her to a gynecologist Morrow South GA and follow the instructions accordingly. It is very natural for them to become nervous during their diagnosis and treatment procedure during their very first visits. Always inform and support them in irritating situations.

Symptoms to Visit a Gynecologist

There are many symptoms that require you to visit a gynecologist. In all kinds of physical problems during pregnancy, first visit your gynecologist before going to the doctors specialized in respective physical condition. Besides, there are many other cases, all specially related to women’s reproductive physical systems. Visit your gynecologist if you notice irregularities in your menstrual cycles’ schedule. Too frequent or too late intervals are considered to be very harmful for your potential reproductive capacity. An interval of at least 21 days or less is usually considered to be irregularity in menstrual cycles as too frequently recurrent. Similarly, if you miss more than three cycles consecutively, you should immediately visit your gynecologist. Your period might last for more than a week. Sometimes you might feel itching in your vagina or pain in lower abdomen. During urination, you might feel internal burning sensation or notice bleed. In all these cases, you must visit your gynecologist without any delay.

Women’s productivity is closely inter-related with the sound and healthy physique of their reproductive organs like vagina, lower and upper abdomen, and breasts. Therefore, you mustn’t neglect the issues with your vaginal disorder, abdominal pain and inconvenience, and disorientation related to your menstrual cycles. Make sure to keep the way out for your future children intact. And visit the best gynecologist Morrow South GA.