Why is a Female OB-GYN Preferred by Women?

/Why is a Female OB-GYN Preferred by Women?
Why is a Female OB-GYN Preferred by Women? 2018-05-21T20:42:16+00:00

For most female patients, they do not feel at ease from male OB-GYN doctors. Maybe they feel that they will be able to open up more during consultations, when they are talking to a female doctor. Some female patients do not like to discuss personal body issues with male doctors, particularly if they are young and good looking. It is just so much easier unloading your body secrets to a female doctor. One prime example, let us just imagine a woman in her early 60’s trying to discuss her sexual appetite with a male doctor says in his 30’s. It would just be so much easier for her to talk women to women on such a sensitive issue. Today that is the case for most female patients who prefer to speak to woman more than men. This is what has pushed the demand for female OB-GYN Atlanta Ga to the highest it has ever been.

Difficulties male OB-GYN’s face

 OB-GYN Atlanta Ga

It is a known fact that most OB-GYN’s are men, but that is mainly due to the fact that not so long ago most doctors in general were men.

Now the OB-GYN sector is being overtaken by female doctors. Some university studies are showing up to 85% of doctor students that sign up for OB-GYN Atlanta Ga courses are females. Male doctors are stating these results are based on the fact that most male medical students are discouraged from becoming an OB-GYN doctor. There are also some medical centers that are advertising only for female obgyn. But that’s not surprising when most of these centers are an all-female practice. These all female practices are springing up in communities all across the United States.

Facts regarding female and male OB-GYN’s

Most women are not happy being a patient of a male OB-GYN doctor. Some believe that women understand each other better. Sometimes it is hard for a female patient to relate to a male OB-GYN because they feel that the male doctor doesn’t really understand what she is going through, even though he is so keen on helping her. There are husbands of female patients that are not at all happy about another man touching their wives, and on the flip side there are husbands that like their wives problems explained to them by a OB-GYN Atlanta Ga as they are not happy talking to a female doctor.

Given the fact that this particular area of medicine is moving towards OB-GYN Atlanta Ga doctors, why are men still graduating medical school as gynecologists?