How to Know If MonaLisa Touch® Is Right for You!

As women get older, we start to notice our bodies change due to issues like a decrease in estrogen production and menopause. While some women think the only option is to live with vaginal discomfort caused by these issues, others know there is a feminine laser solution.

MonaLisa Touch® has helped millions of women get relief from uncomfortable symptoms that are associated with menopause, natural aging, cancer treatments, and more. The laser treatment for women is designed to rejuvenate the functionality and health of the vagina. By encouraging new collagen to grow, vaginal walls that are thinning and dry can be revived.

But, even when you want relief from unpleasant vaginal symptoms, you may still be left wondering if MonaLisa Touch® is right for you. To make the decision a little easier, here are a few questions to help guide you.

Do you experience vaginal dryness, itching, and other irritations?

If you experience vaginal irritations like tenderness, dryness, itching, and discharge, a feminine laser can help. Be open with a gynecologist about these symptoms and how severe they are. While these are often associated with menopause, know that women of all ages can suffer from vaginal irritations. A feminine laser is an effective way to get lasting results. The MonaLisa Touch® is FDA approved and safe for women at any stage of life.

Are post-menopausal symptoms affecting daily life?

It’s difficult when post-menopausal symptoms impact daily life. Vaginal discomfort can cause women to change the way they dress, turn down invitations to social gatherings, and even affect spousal relationships. If you live in Atlanta, MonaLisa Touch® is one solution worth looking into furtherfor relief from post-menopausal symptoms.A gynecologist will review everything with you from what to expect during each session to the cost of MonaLisa Touch® in Atlanta.

Is intercourse painful or uncomfortable?

Painful intercoursedoes not mean that you should write off your sex-life for good. The feminine laser treatment helps restore the moisture levels and strengthens the wall of the vagina. The sessions at Georgia Center for Women are short and virtually pain-free. You can discreetly fit the appointment into your day and won’t need to take time off to recover.

Do you suffer from incontinence?

A simple sneeze or a hard cough in public can be very stressful for women with incontinence. In fact, it can even cause some to stay home instead of going out to dinner or taking a weekend vacation over fear of an embarrassing accident. Because MonaLisa Touch® strengthens the vaginal walls, women get more control over urinary problems.

Have you spoken with a gynecologist to find out if you are a good candidate?

The best way to learn more about MonaLisa Touch® is to schedule an appointment at Georgia Center for Women. Here, you can explain your symptoms, and we’ll answer any questions about the laser treatment for women. After an exam, we’ll know if you’re a good candidate for the treatment and conveniently schedule your first session.

For your complimentary consultation, contact us by filling out the quick online form or call (404) 265-6888.

Dr. Tracey Born and raised in Atlanta, Tracey R. Lemon-Sams, MD, FACOG, is a board-certified OB/GYN and founder of the Georgia Center for Women, with locations in Atlanta, Emory Midtown, and Morrow, Georgia. Continuing her commitment to the Georgia community, Dr. Lemon-Sams offers patients a wide range of obstetrics and gynecology services for improving and managing their health.

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