What Qualities A Fertility Doctor And Fertility Specialist Must Have?

/What Qualities A Fertility Doctor And Fertility Specialist Must Have?
What Qualities A Fertility Doctor And Fertility Specialist Must Have? 2018-06-05T20:17:08+00:00

You might be passing through some of the toughest days of your life if you are reading this article. Right then, no keeping secrets. You want to hear your kids laughing in the garden, you want a future generation. And this infertility issue is a monster that doesn’t let you sleep a wink.  Avoiding circumlocution, you are looking for one of the best Reproductive Endocrinologists. Ah! Here lies your problem.

You probably don’t have smallest of ideas about merits and demerits of a fertility clinic and a best fertility specialist Atlanta. Another headache to bear with, alongside all the depression you are going through already. Well, this article might just be the best thing you might read today. These lines are solely dedicated to what people usually look for in a good best fertility specialist Atlanta and RE clinic.

Merits of a fertility clinic

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Some of these include:

  • Probe the success rates. Yes, it is possible that the numbers are accurate but not entirely true representative of actual situation, it is very possible that the cases handled by the concerned clinics were not as tough as your case might be. Hence it is natural to be a little more proactive.
  • IVF, IVF, IVF. Some of the clinics perhaps haven’t even got a life but IVF is all they can recommend. It is hardly the only treatment available. If they nothing else to offer, we totally proscribe it.
  • Experience matters a lot, determine is it an old enough establishment?
  • Their stats on SART will also give anyone a clear idea about their rankings.

A Good RE Is:

It is not necessary that your practitioner must have all of the following attributes but he must have some from the following list:      

  • Near enough your residence.
  • Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, has a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.
  • Available at times of an emergency, for instance.
  • Clear in his mind about what is his definition of success? Is it merely achieving pregnancy or live births?
  • Not a “Money up front” gangster type practitioner. Best fertility specialist Atlanta must genuinely care about you.
  • Initial meetings must act as a hope inducing event.
  • Excited enough about your fertility hopes as much as you.

Having explored enough about the best fertility specialist Atlanta and the clinics, let us have a look at few advantages and disadvantages of fertility treatments employed by these professionals. One such method is In vitro fertilization. We will discuss the benefits and harmful aspects with reference to IVF.


  • IVF is most helpful in conception.
  • IVF has a sound and successful history.
  • IVF also helps in research about genetic diseases.
  • IVF is also considered helpful for all single mothers.


  • IVF can have side effects like ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome.
  • Multiple pregnancies are not desired by all, IVF can lead to multiple pregnancies.
  • It is expensive.
  • It can have some psychological impact as well.